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Senior Citizen Friends

To all my Senior Citizen Friends:

Gone are the days of your grandmother’s “early bird special” at the local diner. As our baby boomers reach retirement age, hundreds of retailers are featuring new and improved discounts exclusively for the 60 and older crowd. We have composed a list of senior savings that will help you keep more cash in your pocket. Whoever said getting older was a bad thing, obviously didn’t know about these fantastic senior discounts!


· Applebee’s: 15% off with Golden Apple Card (60+)

· Arby’s: 10% off (55+)

· Ben & Jerry’s: 10% off (60+)

· Bennigan’s: discount varies by location

· Bob’s Big Boy: discount varies by location (60+)

· Boston Market: 10% off (65+)

· Burger King: 10% off (60+)

· Captain D’s Seafood: discount varies on location (62+)

· Chick-Fil-A: 10% off or free small drink or coffee (55+)

· Chili’s: 10% off (55+)

· CiCi’s Pizza: 10% off (60+)

· Culver’s: 10% off (60+)

· Denny’s: 10% off, 20% off for AARP members (55+)

· Du…

Free money

I found 9 cents on the ground today cool I found 1 cents on the ground today 10-20-13I found 2 cents on the ground today 10-21-13I found 10 cents on the ground today 1026-13A friend gave me a wheat penny today 11-15-2013
My goal in writing this blog is to convince you that, wherever you
are in your financial life today, you too can become wealthy over the course
of your working lifetime. If you start soon enough, work hard enough and
do some of the things I recommend, you may even become a millionaire